What’s the damage…?

Simple cupcakes start from £2 each with swirly frosting and glitter/sprinkles. Decorations custom made to fit your colour scheme or theme are priced dependent on the level of decorative intricacy, basically the more labour intensive they are to make the more they will tend to cost. Prices for cutting cakes for the top of your stand start from £50.

For an exact quote or to arrange a design consultation please get in touch giving the following information:

  • Date of your wedding
  • Venue postcode, if delivery is required
  • Description of cakes required – feel free to send photos of cakes you like
  • Colour scheme/theme
  • Quantity/size or how many people you wish your cake to feed
  • Total budget allocation (this helps us recommend appropriate designs and ways to cut costs to make sure we can produce a cake or cupcakes that fall within your budget)