Eloise Durant



Eloise Durrant, Founder of TGCC, found her passion for cakes in Paris when she went to stay with her Uncle one summer during school. Sneaking off to the Patisseries every day, El followed her sweet tooth home to work part time in various restaurant kitchens where she hoped to add some sparkle to the dessert trolley, hoping one day for her own piece of confection perfection.

The lure of the Big Smoke eventually swept El away to London where she worked for a host of advertising agencies (still dreaming up cakes and pastries) then in a leap of faith she left to set up TGCC, later graduating top of her class from college where she studied Patisserie & Confectionary. In 2010, El opened her cake decorating school and was awarded highly commended Young Entrepreneur of the Year, travelling the globe to deliver her expert training. In 2011 she taught home baker Jo Wheatley, who then went on to win that years Great British Bake Off on BBC 1.

Eloïse has lectured on entrepreneurship at Anglia Ruskin University, demonstrated cake making to hundreds of craft enthusiasts at Kirtsy Allsopp’s Handmade Fair and is also a regular live speaker on BBC Radio Essex.

Following her successful pilot of a new show called ‘Extreme Cake Makers’, Channel 4 commissioned a full series which aired on 1st May 2017 and is the UK’s answer to ‘Cake Boss’. In the show Eloïse’s flair, skill and creativity come to life where she produces both the exceptional and the impossible…. Catch up here on All 4.

When she’s not creating culinary masterpieces, you can find El throwing rocks down at the bowling alley or burning off some steam at roller derby.

Favourite cupcake: All of them, of course.







From a long ancestral line of confectioners, Michelle has baking in her blood. And with one gluten free and one dairy free sprog, Michelle is a wealth of knowledge creating free-from cakes that are still tasty as. And did we mention she could juggle? This isn’t entirely useful in her current job description, but she wanted us to tell you anyway. Show off.

From the moment Michelle sashayed into our first ever Original Cupcake Course back in the day, we knew the girl had taste. And stories? She’s plenty of those too thanks to having met Johnny Depp, David Beckham and more. Just ask her. No seriously, please do. We’re yet to get to the bottom of it.

Favourite cupcake: Lemon. Because they’re ‘zingy’, apparently.








Emma C

Talented, glitter-obsessed, Emma has an impressive portfolio of cakes we couldn’t help but be wow-ed by right from the start. And with an array of professional cake qualifications under her belt, Emma is a sugarcraft whizz.

Got an idea and can’t quite visualise it? Emma speaks fluent cake and will help bring even the most ambitious ideas to life. Whether it’s a christening, Granny’s birthday or a bah mitzvah; Emma’s creative mind can make your most delicious dreams come true. We’ll leave it to her to tell you about her collection of 18+ cakes though.

Favourite cupcake: The one with the most glitter on.







Amy is our very own bakery pug mumma mermaid. (Second to this she’s also a Course Tutor and Cake Maker too.) When she’s not baking up a storm or sending home hoards of happy course attendees, Amy is caring for her ‘baby’ Miley, the Pug with the power to melt hearts and destroy ALL of the shoes. Oh and if you need a sick contour for a night out, Amy’s your woman.

Favourite cupcake: Roobs and Custard – same as Katy, uh ohhh!






Rachael pretty much affirms that we are a dog obsessed bakery and her beagle Martha is Miley’s BFF. Apart from being our super organised Bakery and Courses Assistant, Rachael also runs a pooch day care service during the week (email for more details!) Rachael experienced a bit of a baptism by fire when she started working at the shop on what was probably our most hectic day in history but she quickly showed her mettle! Top bird.

Favourite cupcake: Carrot or Lemon. She likes to get her 5 a day.



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