Delivery and takeaway cupcakes for a quick fix!

Below are the flavour options for our customers who are ordering for same day takeaway or delivery.

Icing Icing Baby
6 x Vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream swirl and superstar sprinkles

Dark Side of The Spoon
6 x Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream swirl and a silver galactic shimmer

Chuck Raspberry
6 x Vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry buttercream floral swirl and sprinkles

Simply The Zest
6 x Lemoniest ever cupcakes with a lemon buttercream floral swirl and sprinkles

Like a Vegan
6 x Totally plant based vanilla sponge with a vegan vanilla ‘butter’cream swirl and shimmer

Cakest Hits
Random mixture of all of our standard flavours (excluding vegan). Boxes will include at least 1-2 of Icing Icing Baby, Dark Side of The Spoon, Chuck Raspberry and Simply The Zest.

1 box £15 each
2 boxes £12.50 each
3 boxes and above £10 each
Plus delivery

Cupcakes and icings styles and/or flavours from the same day delivery range are non-customisable and can only be ordered as per the box formats and quantities above. Sprinkles can be removed however, please add this as a special request in your order notes.

All cupcakes have a minimum shelf life of 5 days when kept in their boxes, no need to refrigerate.