Below are the terms and conditions which apply to all our services and you the customer agree to these unconditionally when undertaking provision of any of these services. Our terms and conditions are subject to change and apply to all of our customers and we regret that individual exceptions will not be made under any circumstances.


  • When you purchase a course your space is held and reserved thus preventing anybody else from booking that space. Therefore, in the event of no-shows (a no-show is classed as not giving at least 24 hours notice in writing by email to that you will not be attending a course) no refunds or alternative course dates will be given under any circumstances, regardless of whether the course you were due to attend is fully booked or not. Following this, please see the fee table below which is charged to you in the event of a new date being required.
  • In the event you are unable to attend your course for any reason, you may send somebody else in your place and we ask that you advise us of this at least 24 hours in advance and provide the full name of the new attendee so that a new certificate can be produced.
  • Attendees cancelling within a month of, or not showing up on the day for, a course which is paid in installments, agree to pay for the balance of the course in full. You will be sent an invoice for this course which you agree to pay immediately.


  • We like to keep our cake classes small to ensure the best learning experience for all. We therefore have a maximum capacity on each one and when you book a space on a class it is reserved from that moment, just for you. This means that we turn down other individuals for that class (or even groups of individuals that we now cannot fit because of the maximum capacity) because we don’t have availability as we are holding your space.
  • To prevent losses we have a sliding scale of fees for people wishing to take up another place on a future class when they can no longer make the original date they booked. We kindly ask that you do not put staff in the awkward position of asking to be made an exception to this, as it is untenable for us to do so for the many people requesting to move.
  • From the time of booking to 4 weeks or more before your class we will charge a set £10 fee to move your course date. If your course occurs within a month of you booking it, the following will apply depending on when you booked:

Moving with 4 weeks or more notice before your class – £10 fee to move
Moving 3-4 weeks notice before your class – 20% of the course fee to move
Moving 2-3 weeks notice before your class – 30% of the course fee to move
Moving 1-2 weeks notice before your class – 40 % of the course fee to move
Less than 1 weeks notice before your class – 50% of the course fee to move
Under 24 hours written notice that you will not be attending the class – No refunds or new dates will be given.

  • All amendments are subject to availability. Where a loyalty discount or offer has been applied to the class you are wanting to rebook, the percentage charged will be on the discounted amount. Once you have moved your class, any further amendments will be charged in the same way as above. Booking amendments are subject to availability and are not reserved or confirmed until fees are received.
  • If you wish to amend the date of a course that is a one off or seasonal course, or a course that is no longer running, you may choose another course of the same or lesser value. No refunds will be given for courses of a lesser value, and the difference is payable by you for courses of a greater value.
  • We are unable to accept responsibility for adverse weather, traffic conditions, sickness, or any other circumstances, personal or otherwise, which may affect your ability to attend a course in full or in part. Latecomers may join the class at the point at which they arrive, however we are unable to repeat content missed or restructure the rest of the class as result of lateness. If you miss a class owing to any of the above, our usual cancellation policy will apply.
  • If you need to depart from a course early we will do our best to help you finish as much as possible in the time, however no refunds will be given in full or in part under any circumstances for missed tuition and owing to other attendees being present course structures may not be amended.
  • If for unforeseeable reasons we have to postpone or cancel a course, you will be offered the choice of a full refund or to book one of the other dates available. This may be the same course on another date, or another course to the same value. If you wish to change to another course of a higher value, the difference in price will be due. We are unable to accept responsibility for any peripheral costs surrounding course cancellations i.e. travel, hotels or childcare, and no compensation will be paid in full or in part for cancelled or postponed courses where the circumstances are out of our control. We therefore recommend not booking non-refundable hotels or travel rates or deals, or otherwise take out the appropriate insurances to cover yourself.
  • In the event of having to move a course due to adverse weather where it would be dangerous to staff and attendees a new course date will be offered. You may also transfer to another class of the same or greater value (where the class is of a greater value this will be charged including any loyalty discount you may have received.)


  • On attending the course you agree not to take photographs or video your tutor, or any of the course in progress or the contents of our shop. This includes, but is not limited to, cake decorations, marketing materials, wall graphics, shop products and our cakes, which are often confidential to our clients. You may photograph your own work in progress and your own cakes at the end of the course, however out of consideration for other course attendees we would ask that you refrain from photographing other peoples work. Filming during any part of the course is not permitted.
  • Unlike many classes which make you purchase tools, we give you use of all of our equipment during your class. You agree to use our equipment with due care and to pay for any breakages or damages you cause.
  • We will take photos during many of our courses and will post these online for you to enjoy and share afterwards. You agree that all photos and rights remain the property of The Gourmet Cake Company. If you have a specific request not to be photographed, please email us prior to attending your class.
  • For insurance reasons, spectators/friends/family/guests/translators are only permitted on the course when they purchase a place of their own at full course value. Whether they take part in the course themselves is up to you, but a place must be purchased separately.
  • All content on our websites, Facebook, and other social media platforms is the intellectual property of The Gourmet Cupcake Company & The Gourmet Cake Company Limited. By attending a course you agree not to replicate any of this content for your own commercial purposes. The content of our courses is intended for your own cake making and enjoyment however you agree not to replicate the cakes and techniques you learn on a course for the purposes of teaching the same or similar class, either for your own gain or on behalf of another business.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to our shop or eject attendees from a course should the staff deem that the attendee presents a risk to the business or is a disruption to or prevents the enjoyment of the rest of the class.
  • The content of each of our courses is clearly listed on the respective course pages on our website at You agree that our tutors are unable to deviate from the set course structure or add to the course content in any way. Our tutors are not obliged to give instruction of any other cakes or products other than those on the course you are attending. We appreciate that you do not put them in this difficult position by asking.
  • The advertised course finish times are approximate and will vary depending on the overall ability of the group as well as group size.
  • Course prices may be subject to change without notice and we reserve the right to reduce or increase course prices at any time. No refunds partial or in full will be given for courses booked by you that may later decrease in price, nor will we request you pay the difference for any courses you book that may later increase in price. Attendees redeeming gift vouchers against courses that have increased in price since the voucher was purchases will need to pay the difference in order to attend the course.
  • We reserve the right to remove and add new courses to and from our schedule without prior warning.
  • It is your responsibility to provide the correct contact information when registering for a course. If we are unable to contact you we cannot be held responsible for missed or cancelled courses and no refunds or alternative dates will be given.
  • On booking a course you will be sent a confirmation email with the information relating to your course. It is your responsibility to check your junk or spam folders in the event that our mail is filtered. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you agree to advise us of this and it will be reissued to you via email.


  • Loyalty discount schemes are subject to their own terms and conditions and may be removed from offer at any time.
  • The 20% off course loyalty discount is only available on full priced group courses and must be booked before or up to the day of your initial course. Only one discount per course purchase, you may not use the loyalty discount on top of any other discount.
  • Discounts on multiple courses are applied chronologically and the discounted course being booked must occur after the initial course in order to obtain the discount. It is not permitted to purchase a course of a greater value that occurs sooner than your initial course in order to obtain the 20% discount.
  • The discount may be obtained on courses occurring sooner only if the value is the same or less than the initial course. Attendees moving courses to one that occurs after the initial discount will be required to pay the difference.
  • The 20% discount offer applies only to individuals that have attended a course already and wish to book another class or classes for themselves in future. The discount does not apply to multiple people attending the same class.
  • If you want to attend a class with a friend or family member, you must both pay full price for the first class and then would both be entitled to the discount scheme going forward.
  • The 20% loyalty discount is not valid on gift vouchers, private tuition, parties, mummy and me classes, or any course costing less than £95.
  • If we have to move a class and you choose to attend on a different date, your loyalty discount will still apply to the new date or any refund given will be for the discounted price that you paid. If you receive a refund for a discounted class then book again future, the class will be full price.
  • If we cancel a course and provide a refund where another discounted course has been booked in the future, the refund will be less than the discount provided.
  • Only one discount or promotion may be redeemed at any one time for any single course booking and we reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.
  • Special offers on social media or our website are subject to extra terms and conditions, check individual offers for details.


  • Course gift vouchers are non refundable.
  • All courses redeemed using vouchers must take place before the expiry date on the voucher. Out of date vouchers will not be honoured or refunded. All gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and courses must be both booked and attended within this time. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months and extensions are chargeable. See below.
  • To book a course using a gift voucher you should contact us via email at the name and date of the course you wish to take part in. A list of courses and dates can be viewed at NB Voucher redemptions cannot be made via the website booking system.
  • Vouchers are purchased for a specific amount and may be redeemed against any of our courses. If the course you wish to attend is of a higher value than your voucher, you may attend and pay the difference however, if the course you choose is of a lesser value than your voucher, we regret no refund can be made but you will be able to use the credit against another course, the remaining value will be extended by 3 months from the date of your booked class, and classes should be attended within these 3 months otherwise extension fees apply.
  • Course attendees that have booked via gift voucher redemptions are eligible to take advantage of our loyalty discount schemes. (See Above)
  • Course prices may be subject to increase. Therefore, attendees redeeming gift vouchers against courses that have increased in price since the voucher was purchases will need to pay the difference in order to attend the course.
  • If you are purchasing a voucher as a gift for somebody else, they will also be subject to our terms and conditions. If you are booking a specific date it is your responsibility to check the recipient is free to attend on that date, amendments and cancellations are chargeable as per our fees above.
  • All courses are subject to availability and booked on a first come first served basis.
  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed against courses at external venues or against parties.
  • Gift vouchers may be extended for a charge of £10 for 3 months from expiry plus £5 for every further month after this that the extension is required to encapsulate your chosen course.
  • Leftover voucher credit may be redeemed against a future courses only, and the expiry date will be extended for a further 3 months within which time your class should be taken or it will be subject to the extension fees listed above. Leftover credit may not be redeemed against shop products or cake orders.
  • Any courses booked over the telephone, via email, or in person at our shop, whether new bookings or gift voucher redemptions, will be subject to all of the above terms and conditions.